A 6 WEEK GROUP COACHING PROGRAM to discover your truth, TAKE BACK your power and rewrite your story TO FREEDOM.



What's happening in your life right now? 

What are you struggling with? 

What's hurting you and killing your dreams? 

It's ok to be honest babe. It's a big part of your growth.

What if you could be done with that old life?

That life full of repeated lies about who you are and what you deserve. The lies that scare you into believing you are not the woman for the job, you are not worthy and it’s too big for you right now. You know very well these lies don’t serve you but you just don’t know how to stop telling them. You use them to serve you as a short term escape from the action you must take. I was done wanting transformation but escaping the action. Stop escaping and start elevating.

It's time to take inspired action.

Those positive thoughts alone are not going to elevate you to the next level. Free yourself from the worry-some sleepless nights. 

Do you feel like you're not in control of living your dream life, making the money you desire. It's time to dig deeper. It's time to ask yourself 

"Are you ready for more?"


I feel your pain. I have relied on just positive thinking for way too long. Those sleepless nights tore me apart leaving me stressed, frustrated, lost and afraid of what my life has become. I started to question myself and the help being offered to me.

Is this worth it? 

Will I really transform?

Will I get exactly what I need? 

I know, girl, it was all in my head too. You want something so bad, and yet you are terrified of it.

You constantly pray to God and feel his blessings, but what does your heart say?

Are you ready to believe in that yourself ?


Girl it's time to take out the trash, i mean everything! Those insecurities, those fears around money, about being an entrepreneur, around loving yourself, and loving others they all gotta go! 

Time to take back that freedom you deserve. Time to take the mask off and reveal the truth of who you really are.

So beautiful woman, Are you ready to stop hiding behind your fears, fading away in the background, losing your authority over your life? Allowing fear to keep you from your freedom? Are you ready for a total involvement of you? 

I got you girl!

You have what it takes you just need support and accountability.

I want you to be Successful, Happy and Emotionally free just like in your dreams.

No one has the power to finish your story but you! 

No matter how difficult your past has been, you have the chance right now to rewrite your story.

Who is this training for?


✔ You are passionate about elevating your life for your soul’s purpose

✔ You don’t know where to start on designing your dream life

✔ You are ready to peel back the layers and experience freedom in your soul

✔ You have a burning desire to seek clarity on what’s holding you back

✔ You are fully invested in taking action and breaking through 

✔ You’re ready to up-level your mind, drop the struggle, create and be the best damn version of you!


✘ If you are not ready to implement the work and take action 

✘ If you want your life to be the same in six weeks

✘ If your excuses are bigger than your reasons


Hey girl!

I’m Tyesha, your Health and Mindset Coach.

After living a toxic life, suffering mental imprisonment and self sabotage my burning desire for Freedom has allowed me to press restart in my life and pave the way for women just like you. I stand strong with a determination to have authority and complete control over my life and Coach women to do the same.

On this emotional journey I have learned exactly how to help you uncover personal strength and begin to rewrite your own story.

I’m so excited to work together!

Are you ready to discover your truth, step into your power, your strength and rewrite your story one of freedom.

 In our 6 weeks together, you will:

  • Discover who you are, what you want, what’s been holding you back

  • Identify what you are subconsciously absorbing, transmitting and creating as a result of your environment.

  • Release pain that you have built beliefs and stories around, recognize the blame that has had a direct effect on the circumstances you are currently living

  • Create big bold goals and actually hit them every week 

  • Learn how to turn your passion into your money maker 

  • Learn how to get everything you want using a powerful force 

  • Create your dream life without sacrificing your values, emotional and physical health

  • Embody the YOU that you didn’t even know existed until now.


 What’s included:

✔ Access to private facebook group where you can share your work, ask questions and receive my full support.

✔ 6 Live Zoom calls where we connect and breakthrough your limiting beliefs.

✔ Weekly homework and action steps for you to implement and embody.

✔ BONUS #1 Access to My 30 Day Detox program with herbal teas to help you get in the best shape of your life.

✔ BONUS #2 Meal Plans and Workout Videos that are fun and easy to follow.

Your Investment